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Topic: New film music

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    New film music

    al long time since I post my last piece. because I changed my computer to an intel mac.

    In the last days I worked on a new film music, for a short comedy. I think the music includes a few really funny parts. Here are to combinations of the parts. I used, GPO, and a few sounds from the EXS Library in Logic 7.
    Here are the links:



    I would be pleased to read a few comments! Thank you and many greetings from snow-covered Germany!


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    Re: New film music

    I agree with Stephen.....you have done a good job in introducing sections and frases but i think there is a lot to be done on the panning.....too many instruments just on one side, for example the piano that is totally panned to the right or otherwise totally panned to the left.....i'm sure that if you get that fixed it will sound good! also a little more reverb will add some more realism to the overall mix....

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    Re: New film music

    Some fine writing for the comedic stage, with
    abundant humor -- with more than a little well
    made lyricism for contrast, too, I might add.

    As Stephen said, though, I think you would do
    well to mix more toward center... in many places
    the separation is such that it sounds like
    players are in different rooms.

    Sound treatment is one of the most difficult
    aspects of working with samples... but not to
    worry, you'll get there!

    My best,


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    Re: New film music

    Nice work! I appreciate all the hard work that went into this. To echo what others have said. I am finding that at times, having a good concert hall reverb (in stereo) (preferably a convolution type from Altiverb or Waves) takes care of a lot of the panning issues as well.

    All the best - Keep em coming!
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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