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Topic: Ports and Channels

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    Ports and Channels

    Hi everybody,

    I'm having a minor issue with ports in GS3. Port 1 has all 16 channels used and as I'm trying out some more variations I started loading instruments in port 2. I've assigned the correct outputs in Sonar 6 but have some issues with both ports playing simultaneously, in this case, channel 3 in port 1 and channel 3 in port 2. Both channels play simultaneously both in the GS3 interface, on my keyboard and in Sonar 6. I feel it is a GS3 setting but have no idea where to look.

    I'd be very grateful if somebody could direct me to the correct settings to hear both ports separately when using the same midi channel.

    Thanks for your time,


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    Re: Ports and Channels

    Betcha got the ports linked. If you look down at the status bar, you'll see little squared numbered 1-8. Not sure exactly, but if any two or more are blinking red, then midi from the first will be passed on to the second. I think you unlink by clicking them, but regardless, it should be pretty intuitive now that you know what to look for.

    Let us know!


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    Re: Ports and Channels

    Hello Belbin,

    Thank you for taking the time to answer. It's indeed something to do with linked ports. I just had a look at the manual. The ports that are lit in light green are linked, those that are dark green are unlinked, the flashing red shows you that midi data is being transmitted.

    I'm able to hear the instruments separately when using the GS3 keyboard but not when using my midi keyboard through Sonar (this still triggers both channels).

    I'll have a closer look later today, thanks very much for the tip,


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    Re: Ports and Channels

    Got it Belbin, everything works beautifully now.



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