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Topic: GS3 as a Rewire slave

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    GS3 as a Rewire slave

    I've been thrilled with the fact that GVI (running in VStack) has cured my PC's constant crashing. However, today I needed to use a patch whose multiple keyswitch dimensions could only be accessed by GS3. So I tried opening GS3 as a Rewire slave (with VStack as the master). I found I could get the audio from GS3 into VStack via Rewire (by playing the onscreen GS3 keyboard), but I couldn't figure out how to trigger the GS3 sounds with my MIDI keyboard or sequencer. My main sequencer is DP, running on a different computer. How should the MIDI info be routed? Does it have to pass through the Rewire master (I don't think you can do this in VStack), or should I send the MIDI directly to GS3?


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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    I would take Rewire and VStack out of the loop assuming you have a suitable midi in for the G3 computer, and a sound card that can send audio back to your DAW. As a Standalone, all G3 needs is a midi-in and audio out.

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    Sorry, I should have explained a bit more. GS3, with I've used for years as you've described, has been a nightmare of instability. GVI, by contrast, hasn't crashed my computer once. When you use GS3 as a Rewire slave, you don't have to use the custom memory config for your PC - theoretically, you get the benefits of GS3 without the instability (there are a bunch of things you can do with GS3 that you can't with GVI, which is why I'm interested in this).

    So thanks for replying - but I'd still love to hear from anyone who has gotten GS3 to work as a Rewire slave, especially with VStack.


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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    have you looked into the Giga VST thread i posted? It may very well solve your problem.

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    Thanks - solved it by switching to Plogue Bidule as my host - works great as a Rewire host. But I'd be curious to read your thread anyway - can you direct me to it?

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    its in the first page. the very first topic started by me.

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    Interesting. Do you know if there are any benefits to using the FX-MAX Adapter over doing the same thing via Rewire (which I can now do?)

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    Latency is one thing i can think of. ReWire introduces quite a bit of latency when compared to VST.

    That, and you cant close the host app before closing any rewire application.

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    Re: GS3 as a Rewire slave

    BTW, this idea just occured to me. You could download Chainer VST demo, which is a non-expiring but crippled version of Chainer, and just load the VST wrapper in there. Chainer is very CPU-friendly and doesnt gobble as much as dedicated hosts.

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