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Topic: Registering Kontakt Experience

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    Registering Kontakt Experience

    I got the Kontakt crossgrade deal from BHPhotoVideo, which included Kontakt Experience. It has its own serial number. I installed Kontakt Experience, and played some samples from its library in Kontakt. It didn't ask for my serial number anywhere. I ran the NI Service Center, and it wasn't detected. Does anyone know how, or if, Kontakt Experience is registered?


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    Re: Registering Kontakt Experience

    I had the same experience.

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    Re: Registering Kontakt Experience

    I registered mine. I'm pretty sure the instructions are on the CD case sized card that comes with it. A few of the add-on sound libraries for other instruments require manual registration as well.


    Click the "Additional Product Registration" button.

    There is a Deutsch site also.
    Ben N. Moore

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    Re: Registering Kontakt Experience

    Quote Originally Posted by Alfalfa
    I ran the NI Service Center, and it wasn't detected.
    Maybe it is still using the old Registration Tool?

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    Re: Registering Kontakt Experience

    Thanks everyone! The Additional Product Registration worked great. Registered.

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