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Topic: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

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    In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Here is my lates composition for my solo trumpet series. I wrote it with Finale 2007 and realized it with Sonar HS 6XL. I used a bit of reverb and stereo panning to create a stage presence for the performance. It depicts the mood of transfromation in front of the mirror as one gets ready to go out.

    In The Mirror

    I hope you enjoy this latest in my trumpet series.

    I have updated the link to the solo with a better sound recording.
    Last edited by wrayer; 04-02-2007 at 09:31 AM. Reason: Re-uploaded the solo with fix to sound quality

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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    The piece:

    Superb! This is a really intriguing piece of writing, most
    especially that first section, with a mood and color to it you
    can't put your finger on, but which grabs you and holds you

    Bill, I wonder if you might consider expanding this somewhat;
    and turning it into several semi-connected movements, with
    a cyclic return to the opener for the tail...? That's almost
    how it goes together, now; and I think the material could
    be happy with more development.

    The recording:

    I know the eSnips player does you no favors; but I might
    suggest centering a bit more, both piano and trumpet.
    For my ear, I think I'd try a different reverb (and less of
    it), too. This one seems to "ring" a bit on certain trumpet
    notes, etc.

    In any event, much enjoyed, Bill. How is it going with
    the series overall, by the way? Does my memory serve
    me correctly that you were moving toward publication
    with these?

    My best,


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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    What a musical journey this is! So many different moods, and I really enjoyed going through each one of them.

    I'm glad that there was a feeling of self-acceptance at the finale. Based on the title, and what you said in your post, I was picturing a person looking into the morning mirror, and going through various mood shifts including self-criticism, even being a bit alarmed by the reflection--And then the harmonious acceptance at the end. Very nice.

    On the technical side of things, I want to second EtLux's observation about the reverb. The trumpet was ringing so much that it was distracting, and made the instrument sound like it wasn't a good Garritan trumpet--was it?

    With this being a duet, and having a small, personal topic--I feel that the sound should be intimate to match the tone of the piece. Why not a small jazz club reverb, and used very sparingly, so the listener can be at that front table? These larger reverbs used so heavily can really distance the listener--emotionally and literally--Why do we always have to be sitting at the back of a very large and empty sounding auditorium? Listeners who lurk at the back of venues in Real Life are Trying to stay emotionally distanced from the event--why emulate that?

    One other technical note/question--The trumpet sounded like it was being played in polyphonic mode, so that there were unnaturally over-lapping notes. --?--

    The composition itself I enjoyed very much--Thank you for it!


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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Well, my forte is composing and I am working on the technical aspect. That said:

    EtLux: As always, I appreciate the time you take to listen and discuss my work. Yes, I have considered expanding it since the ideas flew in so quickly, I barely could get them down in notation, before another idea was coming to the surface. It certainly merits a closer examination and development. I also agree the reverb is way off. I am having sound card issues, so I ordered a new sound card. Reverb and other effects drive my card crazy (and me too, rofl). Yes, I have published about 5 or 6 on Lulu.com but have gotten no sales. Of course, I have been bad about promoting me. I need to get advertising out to local teachers and universities. Since I am retired, I don 't have a lot of connections.

    rbowser: Thank you also, for the listen. I look forward to your comments. You captured the mood and essence of the piece as one looks in the mirror and transforms oneself for the day. On the technical side, read above. I am well aware of the problems, it's the solutions that are deceivingly deceptive.

    Again thanks for the listen.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Great composition that has a lot of potential. I must concur with the others about the technical stuff - that will come in time but you do realize that teky stuff has its own place and importance and can make or break a piece.

    Have you considered playing this yourself on a real trumpet. (Assuming that is you in the picture) Of course you would need a decent mike and some sort of mixer (or if you can find a good USB mike) Being a trumpet player myself you and I know there is a huge difference between the real thing and a sampled version. You can get away with a sampled trumpet with certain types of music or when it is in the background but a solo trumpet is quite bare. There are some exceptions to this - one is http://www.robertosoggetti.com/mp3%2...angeBreeze.mp3 in this forum but it is done in a jazz context. Old Bob does quite an amazing job (I'm sure he put a lot of work into this as well) of emulating a jazz horn player. After all this I would still much prefer a real horn though.
    Music happens to be an art form that transcends language. - Herbie Hancock


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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by DelCarry
    Have you considered playing this yourself on a real trumpet. (Assuming that is you in the picture)
    Yes,and I have recorded others of mine before. I don't have a very good mike so it sounds a little (distant) It's a good vocal mike but not a recording mike. I am practicing the piece, it is a challenge. I must talk to the guy that wrote it...

    It's very difficult to get the Garritan samples to sound real (especially solo trumpet) in combinations, the samples do well, but out there on there own... Well like you said, you are a trumpet player and you know the sound. Hard to emulate, even if it's a great sample (which Garritan has, of course!)

    Thanks for listening!
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Hey wrayer!

    I am a trumpet player too! And I would very much love to play this piece! Like, David and Randy have already mentioned, the contrasting segments give this piece a great feeling of transversal-- a real showman's piece! And it is so lyrical! The expression you could communicate is huge!

    Superb work!



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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by Reegs
    And I would very much love to play this piece! Reegs
    If there is some interest, I could post a pdf file for those who would like to play it. I will probably post it at Lulu.com and try to sell it for a few bucks. I would prefer to do it that way so I could profit a bit from my time spent.

    Thanks for the comments Reegs.

    If anyone is interested in the printed versions of this solo, or any of my others they can be found here:

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    I'm just bumping this up to the top to give it some more exposure.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

    Challenge #10 Winner

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    Re: In The Mirror - Trumpet Solo

    Another occasional trumpet player here. I enjoyed the various moods you portrayed. I hate when I post something and want people to talk about the music but they only talk about the technical side, but I’m going to put in a few thoughts anyway - I agree with everything David said. Besides that, I would have liked the piano to be just a little higher in the mix – you had some interesting parts that I kept losing behind the trumpet (yes, I know, it’s a trumpet solo, listen to the trumpet) .
    Trent P. McDonald

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