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Topic: Pianolin

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    Hello, Im fairly new to composing and the music world as a whole. Im a pianist and thats about it.

    This work is a duet with (you guessed it) a Piano an Violin.
    Its the first composition not only in GPO for me but with more than one instrument. The notation was done note for note in Finale then mastered with Sony Sound Forge.

    EDIT: http://www.box.net/rssdownload/51518688/Pianolin.mp3


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    Re: Pianolin

    How do we access your music? The website to which you are directing us is confusing. I can't figure it out.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Pianolin


    Certainly it's not the best site, but anyways here is what you do: On the right hand side towards the top there is a 3 letter code and a space. Enter the code and press enter, or click on ok or something. After that a small message will appear "wait for n secs" (I had to wait 45) and then the button "download" will appear. Certainly not the best experience, but this is what happens to people with no webspace...


    A very nice and interesting piece. Very classical and it follows that path very well, I might add. As for the recording I feel that you forgot to add pedal signs on finale. The piano could use plenty of sustain pedal here and there. In addition, the violin is a tad too loud for my own taste and the piano a bit too low in volume, but this is probably personal taste.

    Never the less a very nice and fine composition.

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    Re: Pianolin

    Thanks Nikolas, Yeah I did forget to put in the sustain. I think ill go back and redo that.

    And im sorry for the uploading I will find a better place until I get my website up.


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    Re: Pianolin

    MrRollrCoastr, unfortunately I couldn't even get that site to load up. Perhaps they're experiencing difficulty this morning.

    But have you noticed that Gary Garritan has provided web space for Garritan users in need of a place for uploading MP3s? Perhaps you should try that.

    Also, I highly recommend "Box"--Excellent storage site.

    I look forward to hearing your piece, and in the meantime I already have a question:

    You said you're primarily a piano player. It seems like you'd have a more satisfying experience recording with a sequencer program rather than a notation program. You'd have a more organic experience, capturing your piece the way you play piano when you're not recording into a computer. Plenty of options for editing as needed, and of course there wouldn't be an issue of forgetting to add pedal sustain--that would be part of your performance.

    Plenty of free programs that would do what you need, such as Reaper. The Cubase LE that comes with GPO is perfectly fine. My point being, that I don't see how hand inserting your work note for note could possibly be as satisfying to you as actually playing--?


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    Re: Pianolin

    Thank you rbowser for your considerations, i did not know Garritan allowed you to upload your mp3's I will do that now and update the link for everyone. The main reason why I did not simply play the piano part myself was that I wanted to put it on "paper" so to speak. My music ideas come and go so quickly. Its the best way to keep a record of my music if its written down.

    As far as just for performance sake, Im not much of a performer (I play to myself, my family, and church. As soon as I go on stage or the recording device. . . strange things happen lol. Though, it would solve the sustaining problem.

    Also I still need to invest in a good capture mic and the instrument needs a good tweaking and tuning.


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    Re: Pianolin

    Hi! I think the free service for Garritan users to post their MP3s is pretty new. Glad you'll be using that.

    I want to give you a few other tips which might be helpful:

    --If you were to record your actual playing instead of inserting your music in a notation program, you mentioned needing a good microphone. I Highly recommend that what you should be getting instead is a decent MIDI keyboard. You have GPO, so you have a very high quality sampled Steinway to play right there in the program. I'm supposing that's the piano you used in the file I haven't heard yet. But the point is, you already have the good soft synth piano available, now get a MIDI keyboard rather than thinking of getting a microphone, a microphone boom, audio interface etc--It's VERy difficult to record an acoustic piano well. I feel your effort would be much better applied to recording your piano performances via MIDI.

    --I understand that you want your compositions on paper. Of course a great deal of music is never committed to paper anymore, but that's another issue. If you recorded your piano pieces by MIDI, you would have the MIDI data which at Any time you wanted could be the data to generate notated music. For the most part, what you would do is create a second version of the MIDI file--one for printing purposes. You would quantize the notes so they line up the way you need on a page, and any anomalies that crept in during that process could be edited by hand. The original MIDI tracks would be used for the aural recording--human "errors" and all.

    --One more selling point on my idea of you getting a MIDI keyboard: You've said you want to capture your music because it comes and goes so quickly--The hours and hours you spend to hand insert each note seems to me like it could be a good way for those fleeting passages to disappear on you. Whereas, if you just opened up some recording software and hit "record"--you'd have your music captured within minutes.

    I hope you mull this over. And keep in mind what I said about how you can have both a good recording and notated sheet music--and all with much less hassle than what you're currently doing.


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    Re: Pianolin

    Oh man, I feel dumb right now. I forgot all about using a MIDI to go straight into the program. I dont know if its very good, but I do have a Yamaha PX-505 Portable Grand. It doesnt use MIDI cables though, its uses a USB port or one of those large media cards. And its got a sustaing pedal As you can tell I've really never have used it. lol I will try and give it a shot the next time i get musically inspired.

    I have uploaded the music file to Garritan thanks to tmonaghan
    I dont see a link, I guess you just log in and can download it from the player http://www.garritan.net/player/.


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    Re: Pianolin

    Hello again, Branden!

    Finally got to hear your piece--Nice! --and I'm gasping over the hundreds of notes you hand inserted for this! I know people do it all the time with notation programs, but it's amazing to me.

    I just Googled up your keyboard--That's quite a story, that you have this Yamaha but have never used it--!---It's been discontinued, and has quite a few things on it (like a sound bank and built in speakers) that you won't need, but it looks to me like it could do perfectly well as a MIDI controller for your purposes. Many current keyboards and interfaces use USB, so that will be just fine.

    Good! Hook that up and see what happens!

    And thanks again for your MP3 post--It's a very lovely piece of music.


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    Re: Pianolin


    Try this link if you are having a problem...



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