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Topic: Aren't sequencers amazing?

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    I was hard at work preparing a score and recording of my Vesuvius for submission to a contest when I realized I had missed a critical piece of information in the requirements. The maximum length of the submitted work was 15 minutes, and my work was over by 26 seconds!

    For just a brief moment, I considered cutting a few measures here or there, just for a submission version, but that just seemed wrong. And leaving out one of the three movements made the piece feel incomplete to me. So what to do?? I was really ready to pull my hair out over this one.

    Well, my brain suddenly clicked on and the answer came to me. Doing a little math, I found that if all of the tempi were a mere 2.8% faster, it would come to exactly 15 minutes. But would it sound ok? Here's where the "aren't sequencers amazing?" bit comes in...

    In Sonar 6, I highlighted everything, and chose "Fit to Time/adjust tempo map" and was able to hear the result right away. Guess what? Not much difference at all! Easily less variance than any conductor might give in a performance. I mixed it all back down, and was ready to go.

    So three cheers for math, and three cheers for sequencers! (And for GPO, for being there to be stretched in the first place!)
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Ah Ha! And you thought Houdini was the greatest magician!

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    Re: Aren't sequencers amazing?

    That little trick got me out of more jams when I was doing the TV gig years ago than any other sequencer feature. I was working in the days when it was SMPTE timecode when we were lucky and "on the fly" when we weren't. The "fit to time" feature could fix many an awkward misalignment. Cool indeed.


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