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Topic: StylusRMX Installation

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    StylusRMX Installation

    Hi I've recently bought myself a copy of StylusRMX but there is one major problem that I'm encountering. I install the program using the installer on the both dvd's and i place the Stylusrmx.dll file in my VST-directory. But when I'm trying to open StylusRMX in Cubase I get a message that says "Can't find Sage folder" then i click "locate sage folder" and I'm trying to find it for cubase. But when i find the sagefolder and i click on it nothin happens, it just goes in to the folder in some search of a file och something, please help me with this matter!

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    Re: StylusRMX Installation

    The Tutorial Video you have on the installation DVD clearly describes the whole procedure, so you can just check it out. You will find out, that you have to make a shortcut to the SAGE folder, and move it (the shortcut, NOT the SAGE folder itself) to the appropriate folder (the default is C:\Program Files\Spectrasonics).

    Good luck and have fun with this excellent instrument!:-)

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    Re: StylusRMX Installation

    You have to follow the instructions library install instructions explicitly and as Iwanatsu explains, check out the video first.

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