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Topic: Lost all my GPO work!

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    Lost all my GPO work!

    Just got to vent.
    I formatted my HD and reinstalled XP recently, took a backup of everything i needed (copied it to my second PC over the network).
    As i've done before, i made a folder named backup which i just copied over. I also made a folder called important where i stored important stuff... mails, passwords and all my GPO/Overture/Cubase works.

    After i got this PC up and running i copied over the backup folder and then i formatted the other PC. Thing is that the important folder which i was so sure i had put inside the backup folder, wasn't there. I must have made that folder outside the backup one.
    To make a long story short. The important stuff is gone.
    A couple of hundred hours of work in GPO, alongside all the other things i considered important.

    I can't believe i was so stupid that i didn't doublecheck that i actually had everything before formatting the other PC.
    Everytime i start up GPO now i just sit there and think of all thoose pieces i was halfway done with. Things i meant to come back to and work on later.

    Sorry, just had to get it off my chest. I've been pulling my hair all day!

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    A similar thing happened to my family's computer when I was in high school composing MIDIs... somehow the computer crashed and I lost countless hours of MIDI work... all that was saved were the 8 MIDIs I had put on my website... the rest of it, gone, vanished. I lost a lot of great game programming stuff I was working on too.

    But, in the end, the collection builds up again. You'd think I would've learned my lesson, but I'm still not regularly backing up my stuff... it'll probably happen to me again. However, your best work will stay with you in your head and you will always be able to regain it with time.

    The important thing is to get GPO back up and continue work... don't let it stop you!

    Best of luck to you.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!


    PM me, all may not be lost. Don't do anything yet with the formatted drive.

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    Quote Originally Posted by tmonaghan

    PM me, all may not be lost. Don't do anything yet with the formatted drive.
    A bit late i'm afraid. My kid is using the other PC, and it's already up and running again. Did that a couple of days ago, i installed GPO on this PC this morning and only then realised my mistake.
    I've heard that there are ways to recover things from formatted drives, but with Windows (and other stuff) installed it must surely be impossible?

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    If you formatted your PC, there are tools to recover work (if any data hasn't been written over it).

    Search google with "pc undelete". There are plenty of them! You might even find some software that allows you to undelete without buying, even in trial mode.

    Stop being a good parent and take the PC from your kid immediately. So your previous data won't get overwritten and don't write anything on the hard drive anymore; there's a chance you can get them back with right kinda software. When you find this software, burn it to cd on you other computer and run it from there. No one can say in which part your GPO data was and where XP was preinstalled. Maybe the data was in different part! It might not be too late, just stop any further damage from happening.

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin

    However, your best work will stay with you in your head and you will always be able to regain it with time.

    Well, I would not agree. I certainly could not recover much of mine from memory. There is far too much, and much of it is too complex. That is why I observe redundancy in backups. It is much faster, safer, and more reliable than memory.


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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    I have some tools that might just do the job, even if the drive is still in use. The more files get written, the less chance of a successful recovery.

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    i know this won't make you feel any better, but about 5 years ago my computer crashed and i lost EVERYTHING. countless songs, hours upon hours upon years of work - all gone. i actually quit writing music for about 5 years i was so upset, and i just recently (the last few months) started writing again. i guess the point of the story is that it happens to everyone at least once. but don't give up my man, you're just going to have to start over. good luck
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    Yes, you have to try the offer for file recovery!

    A few months ago my main harddrive failed and I lost literally everything. Music, personal photos, important documents, ... There must be a desperate thread by me somewhere in the depths of this forum. One member offered me help with some file recovery software he owned. It took one months but I was able to rescue everything important.

    Stop accessing that disk and get help! It is easily possible to retrieve data even though the drive has been reformatted.
    Greetings from Vienna!
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    Re: Lost all my GPO work!

    I remember that feeling .. happened to me twice. The first was at the tender age of 10. (remember the old ZX Spectrum and plain cheap audio tapes?) That experience shocked me enough to do regular backups ... for a long time .. but eventually I got careless again and the next serious data loss came in '01. I've been lucky for 6 years now

    My heart goes out to you

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