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Topic: First GPO Song

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    First GPO Song

    Ok, this is my first time using GPO, just looking for some feedback.

    Boz Millar

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    Re: First GPO Song

    Hi Boz and welcome to the forum!

    Gorgeous piano work here, Boz. You've really made the Steinway come alive.

    I'm digging the tone of this piece. It is very touching and dramatic, and would fit well in a film score. It is very easy to listen to but evokes strong feelings of sadness and regret.

    It sounds like you're playing a bit with the modwheel on the strings with some breath on the notes. I'd suggest you play with it even a bit more, and perhaps EQ the strings to soften their sound a bit (kinda harsh for the mood and the piano). More modwheel will help eliminate a bit of the pad effect, too.

    Again, fantastic work here, Boz. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


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    Re: First GPO Song

    Really nice mood piece. And I'm glad Reegs commented - it pointed out the deficiencies of the player that came up for me. (I'm in the middle of some configuration changes, so my regular player was out of reach. WMP11 distorts all of the highs.)

    I'll listen again with another player and see what it really sounds like.

    GPO is sweet, isn't it?


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    Re: First GPO Song

    Sweet, thats what I thought, I had just heard it so many times, it's hard to tell now. Thanks for the info.
    Boz Millar

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    Re: First GPO Song

    bozmillar, Thank you so much for your post. I'm listening for a third time as I type, and again thoroughly enjoying the piece's gentleness. So nice.


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    Re: First GPO Song

    Well done! Very nice writing and rendering. You're off to an excellent start
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    Re: First GPO Song

    Welcome to the forum, Boz!

    Beautifully done, a very moving piece in its gentleness,
    clarity, and simplicity. Much enjoyed... I think I'll leave
    this one looping for a while.

    My best,


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    Re: First GPO Song

    Wonderful piano work, what a harmonious piece! The harmony is what really makes it come alive. I can never get the piano to sound like that! Great work, I look forward to more of your work. I could easily listen to this for a loooong time.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: First GPO Song

    GPO is a blast!
    Thanks for posting this piece of yours.

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    Re: First GPO Song


    This is beautiful. I listened many times. For your first song this is extraordinary. I can't wait to hear more.

    Thank you very much for posting your music.

    Kindest regards,

    Gary Garritan

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