Since I got Toontrack EZ Drummer I’ve been thinking about replacing the MIDI hi-hat patterns by real cymbals to fairly easy create a more live feel.

Searching for the definite REX-library containing all the acoustic hi-hat patterns I would need, the results were disappointing

In the old days sample CD’s like AMG Neil Conti’s Funky Drums from Hell (1992), Sampleheads Peter Erskine Living Drums! (1994) and Big Fish Audio Bruce Gary’s Drum Vocabulary Vol. 1 (1995) started to include some solo hi-hat patterns, almost as an afterthought.

In 1997 Pocketfuel RADS Volume 1: Acoustic Drum Construction Kit made a very original library containing hundreds of 2 beat stereo kick/snare loops accompanied by dozens of separate ride-cymbals and hi-hat loops. Unfortunately, all the short loops were done in 89 BPM!
That same year a Swedish company called Sounds Good AB released Popped Vol. 1 and for the first time 2 to 4 dedicated hi-hat patterns were included in tempos from 80 to 150 BPM (in increments of 10) in Wav-format.

10 years later, and since the introduction of Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, the acoustic hi-hat patterns are still hard to find.

Stylus RMX does include a section called Groove Elements containing some hi-hat patterns, but just as Sonic Reality R.A.W. Rex Edition, these are mostly electronic.
Drums on Demand Volume 3: Upbeat & Aggressive includes “Loop Layers” containing a few acoustic hi-hat loops, but it is nowhere near a definite library.

I still have to check out BETA MONKEY Drum Werks V, but if anybody knows of any other library please let me know!