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Topic: percussion - problem

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    percussion - problem

    Hi, is it possible in GPO to change the volume (velocity) of the percussion? It is possible with all other instruments except percussion. For example I enter 16 notes of snare drum and at the beginnig I put "pp" and at the end "ffff" and between them I put crescendo tool, but the volume is the same on all notes, no crescendo is heard. But in GPO Finale edition it is posiible (but cymbals don't work on both). Where's the problem? Thanks

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    Re: percussion - problem

    I'm versed as to how one accomplish this in finale however I believe you need to go to the piano edit window of your DAW and edit the velocity values to coincide with dynamic expressions desired (either one by one or using your pencil to draw a curve across a series of notes.) Percussion is based on pressure, how hard or soft a hit may be executed for desired dynamics. I will say it is rather tedious.

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