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Topic: Argh -- Getting Sibelius to play through Garritan Studio?

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    Argh -- Getting Sibelius to play through Garritan Studio?

    I normally do all my composing in SONAR and then export to Finale or Sibelius just to clean up the score visually -- so I've never bothered trying to play GPO / JABB sounds through Sibelius.

    But now I need to do it and I'm not having luck. The annoying thing is, it worked fine a few weeks ago and I can't figure out what has changed.

    When I load up my ensemble in Garritan studio, I can hear audio by mouse-clicking the keys. So the audio works. But it doesn't seem to be receiving a MIDI signal from Sibelius. I have "Playback Devices" pointing to Garritan Studio 1, but "Test" does nothing, and playing tracks does nothing, and experimenting in the mixer does nothing. Like I said, it worked fine a few weeks ago when I first tried it...

    This is using the JABB Guitar sounds, so the mod-wheel level is NOT the problem here.

    Any thoughts? THanks,

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    Re: Argh -- Getting Sibelius to play through Garritan Studio?


    It's been a while since I used Studio as a playback device, but here goes...
    Make sure you launch the Studio before opening up Sibelius; make sure the channels are correct - Mixer and all that. My guess is that it's not a mod wheel issue, but a velocity issue. I haven't worked with JABB, but most guitar samples I've used are velocity/attack related in terms of volume.

    Sorry I can't be of more help. If I get a flash of inspiration, I'll re-post.

    Have you posted this on the Sib page?
    Ron Pearl





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