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Topic: Hello and help! Mac, GPO and PT7.3

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    Hello and help! Mac, GPO and PT7.3

    Hi all,

    It's a delight to join the forum.

    Sadly I'm using and abusing you today as I need help. I load GPO into a stereo instrument track and record. I can work for a while, but after a bit, or when I record a third instrument, the plug goes dead (won't play what's recorded, no sound through keyboard or through clicking plug window keyboard), but there is a click from the plug track. A digital thunk. Any ideas? Will the K2 player help this? I haven't updated in a while, but then again; this problem ocurred out of nowhere (don't they always?). I haven't changed anything since going to PT 7.3

    OSX - 10.4.8, PT 7.3.1cs2, G4 dp1.25GHz, 1.75GHz RAM



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    Re: Hello and help! Mac, GPO and PT7.3

    Hi Tsugi,

    I've experienced an identical-sounding bug only with the full version of Kontakt2 (not using GPO instruments) and PT7.3.1. Maybe it's PT causing the problem. I'm getting ready to update my GPO to KP2, we'll see how it goes.


    10.4.9, PT7.3.1, MacBook Pro 2.33gHz, 2GB ram

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