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Topic: Confession

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    Free Stuff

    Okay, I ask a lot of questions about libraries around here, but I have to confess a lot of it is pipe dreaming for lack of money right now, especially having collected to many piano sets (though in my obsessive search for the perfect one, I've found that there is no piano perfect for everything, but for everything there is one pinao that is perfect). Most of my stuff for Kontakt is converted from second hand giga disks ( if you haven't noticed, everyone seems to be jumping on the K2 bandwagon and me too, but if you have the time and patience to tweak, the old libraries often convert well.)

    But back to the point...I've collected a few freeware sets over the years adnd offer my list in exchange for anyone else's...

    These are samples and instrument patches that are legally free as they have been generously made freeware by their creators.

    I'm not posting links, you'll have to google for them, because I'm not sure what the rules are for posting links here, and some of the sites have rules about direct links to the samples since they make their money from the ads on the site's main page....

    Here are the ones I think are the best:

    1) the akai splendid piano, which is hard to find in the original format, but is available as a free soundfont...just google splendid pinao soundfont. It was originally an akai instrument that akai provided for download for free on their site but the original link is dead.

    2) the upright bass samples at echochamber (you must google the following: echochamber.ch and then click "translate this page" which is a blue colored link on the google list...then look for exs instruments link. It is a set of zip files called doublebass1.zip etc. this instruments can be converted to Kontakt. Note that there is one sample missing because of a corrupt zip so if you use this as a exs/kontakt instruments, you'll need edit the patch to stretch one of the other samples. But the set sound very good.

    3) the maestro concert grand by Mats Helgesson

    4) the university of Iowa electronic music studios...various anechoic samples but no patches, so mostly only good for single note samples unless you want to spend a lot of time programing. Perhaps someone has already made a patch for them? There are also piano samples but they are not anechoic
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    Re: Confession

    A few people including me have made usable soundfonts from the UoIowa samples. I'll post some links when I find the time by editing them into this post.
    [Edit: Brass I have programmed:
    http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...5&postcount=35 -- more later]

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