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I just watched "Flags of our Fathers". Really good movie I thought and as usual, I waited to see who scored it on the end credits. It said "Music by Clint Eastwood"! I had no idea he wrote music or was a musician period. Now that the movie is over, I have to say< I didnt really take note of the score as I watched it and I think that it was a pretty laid-back score overall but hey, I'm impressed none-the-less. I just thought that this was a cool bit of trivia if nothing else.
Many well-known people are so because they are truely gifted and extraordinarily motivated. I am a fan of Steve Irwin and when I heard he was killed by a sting ray it made me very sad. I recently purchased a new book called "Varanoid Lizards of the World". This is a recent treastise on monitor lizards and their close relatives. Eric Pinka and Dennis King put this thing together. The book covers every known species of monitor know to science. They decided to ask those scientists who knew most about their subjects to write the chapters covering each species. I read in there about a recently discovered species named Varanus keithhornei. Discovered in 1978, it is a little known species from Queensland (one of my favorite places ). Pausing, I looked at the author of the chapter: Steve Irwin.