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Topic: Sibelius3 & GPOKontakt & wav.

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    Sibelius3 & GPOKontakt & wav.

    What's the process GPO'ers are using to convert (Convert into a Wav.) a score from Sib 3 using GPO in Kontakt 2.
    Is the process to:
    1- save score as a midi file(0,1 or 2),
    2- save a gpo multi in kontakt 2 ,
    3- open the midi file & VST Kontakt 2(Multi) in Sonar 3 (in my case),
    4- make adjustments
    5- make into a wave?

    Thanks for any other ideas

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    Re: Sibelius3 & GPOKontakt & wav.

    You can also just use the Record feature in GPO Studio. Assuming you have your score finished, and have put in all the CC markings/messages, hit Record in Studio, then click on the Sibelius Score and hit play. Less flexible than importing it into a seqencer, but then it depends on how much tweaking you need to do.

    Hope this helps a little.
    Ron Pearl





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