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Topic: Prologue

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    A first movement for small orchestra.
    Not my "Copland" side coming out....

    -fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5164948&q=hi

    A SECOND EFFORT expanding this to an A/B/A form.
    . Are the two sections clear? developed?

    hi-fi URL: http://www.soundclick.com/util/getpl...d=5164948&q=hi

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    Re: Prologue

    Gary, I'd be most interested to hear more about
    your musical objectives in your writing.

    Often, I feel as though I've been invited into
    the middle of a piece; that beginning and ending
    do not play a role in your musical thinking.

    This piece again leaves me with that sense.
    It's interesting writing; quite skillful in many
    ways; intriguing and alluring. Yet it seems to
    be a moment in time; a turning over in the mind
    of a particular and specific but engaging thought;
    which, once examined, is forthwith left to float
    off into the winds of cogitation.

    This has more than once given me pause for
    consideration... this sense of the "existential

    My best,


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    Re: Prologue

    Thank you David,
    I understand that my music is a product of writing with li†tle or no
    plan. When I begin with a particular structure like a Minuet or Scherzo,
    it either comes up short or too extended.
    After three years of hearing this about structure, I'm wondering if
    it's just about Classical insistance on form as opposed to Romantic
    reacting against strictly following a form, or it's just not going thru step-by-step constructing of a piece.

    Wri†ing has become easier as I daily write for 4-12 hours-depending
    on a project. Mistakes or omissions I made in †he past are clear as
    I learn more. For instance, the discussion by Gary G abou† the Forum
    assumes †hat all composers can recognize when their music isn't a finished product. During my first years of composing, I seldom entered dynamic markings since it seemed to be ok in playback. I have come
    to the place where one of the last things I do is place cresc/decres thruout a piece.
    I think that comments on any piece should lead to an improvemen†
    or at least acknowledge whether or not the listener enjoyed the piece.
    There's no poin† in becoming defensive abouut your own music even if you don't agree with a criticism.

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