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Topic: RMX favorites with shared file installation?

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    RMX favorites with shared file installation?

    With an RMX library of around 80GB, it makes sense for us to put the files on our networked RAID instead of locally on each workstation in the studio(see the PS).

    We can get around the problem of the shared User Multis & Favorites by giving each one an individual name; but what could happen if two or three of us are adding to Favorites at the same time, and then want to save/name a Favorites menu? Could we "break" anything?

    This is where I wish RMX allowed some customization of the folder structure, because then the problem wouldn't arise. That would be a big wish for RMX V2.


    PS My partners and I are all registered users with our own legitimately purchased copies of RMX (and pretty much every other Spectrasonics product).

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    Re: RMX favorites with shared file installation?

    For that reason and many other technical reasons, we do not recommend using the SAGE Library on a networked drive. (multi-user network access is also specifically not allowed in the license agreement)

    100gb drives are incredibly cheap right now too. :-)

    We will not be changing the "SAGE directory alias only" rule for the future either....there are specific support reasons that we do it that way - it just keeps things far simpler.

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