Hi all,

I'm at my wits' end here with this problem, so I'm hoping someone can help me out.

I recently got a short film to do from a student at a nearby film school. Unfortunately, it was on a DVD, but I figure, hey, no problem... I ripped the track into an mpg file in no time and then imported the mpg into Sonar 4 producer edition like I usually do.

Previously to this, I'd been doing film clips with the sound purposely taken out. Provides for an effective way to practice setting a cue. But this clip has audio and background noise, and is my first attempt at such a thing, so I was particularly concerned with this problem:

First of all, the audio appears to be slightly 'behind' the picture. I assumed this to be a differential in framerate speed, but I checked the fps, and it's right at 29.97, which is what I had on the conversion settings of the converter.

Second, whenever I move forward in the clip via the Navigator, or whatever, the PICTURE doesnt move with the audio in the Video view. In other words, the audio track moves fine, seeing as it's a wave file in a separate audio track, but in the Video View, the picture doesn't sync up with the Audio.

PLEASE tell me what the deal is, here. Are there sequencers for PC which handle this better? Sonar really fits the way I work (mostly in staff view), and I've heard that something like Cubase, for example, doesn't have multiple staff views, which would totally kill my way of working....