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Topic: Freebie Water Cymbal

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    Smile Freebie Water Cymbal

    I just finished sampling a Zildjan orchestral cymbal being plunged into water, and built a Kontakt program of it. I'm going to make it available for free to NS members. I'll leave it there for about a week - then I intend to start selling it on ebay or somewhere. The only thing I would ask is that if you download it you give me some feedback - I have several different sizes of cymbal which I could sample in similar fashion, but I'd like to make any improvements I can, so pleeeeaaaase let me know what you think.

    The download links are here:-


    If you create a folder called 'Zildjan 18 Inch Orchestral Cymbal Samples' and dump all of the wavs in there, then put the NKI file one level up. At some point I'll do a pdf of the layout, but for now...

    Everything is in one giant program with keyswitches.

    C1=metal beater hits on the face of the cymbal
    C#1=metal hits on the edge of the cymbal
    D1=metal hits, hand muted
    D#1=metal scrapes round the edge
    E1=metal scrapes across face of cymbal
    F1=Rubber beater
    F#1=Rubber beater hand muted
    G1=Soft beater
    G#1=Soft beater hand muted
    A1=Cello bow
    A#1=Violin bow

    Within the straight 'hit' programs you get

    Down Gliss - 3 speeds at three dynamics
    Up Gliss - 3 Speeds at three dynamics
    Trill - 3 Speeds at three dynamics
    Down and Up Glisses with repetitive hits, three dynamics
    A block of partial down glisses
    Block of partial up glisses
    Block of discrete pitches with the cymbal at different depths

    In the muted and scrape programs you just get the Down and Up glisses - trills didn't make any sense since the sound dies too quickly.

    In the Bow programs there are 3 blocks of Down glisses - Slow, medium, quick, organised roughly by pitch of the prominent harmonics within each block, then 3 blocks of up glisses.

    For users of other samplers who want to use the wavs, my labelling was done a bit on the fly, and isn't completely consistent, but goes something like this:-

    First the type of beater M=Metal, S=Soft, mS=muted soft, R=rubber, mR=muted rubber, cB=cello bow, vB=Violin bow

    Next, on the metal beater programs, E=edge hits, F=face hits, M=Muted, S=scrape around the edge, fS=scrape on face of cymbal

    Dynamics - p, mf or f

    Direction of the sample U=upward gliss, D=downward gliss, T=Trill

    Speed - S=slow, M=medium, Q=quick, Roll=repeated hits during the gliss

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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Much appreciated... I think there's missing samples though - 1 (edit) MEfUQ.wav to be exact. I'll double check to make sure I did nothing wrong though.

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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    There should be 496 samples in total. It's entirely possible that something went wrong in the upload, although a corrupted rar file won't normally open at all. I'll have a look.

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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Quote Originally Posted by Pingu
    There should be 496 samples in total. It's entirely possible that something went wrong in the upload, although a corrupted rar file won't normally open at all. I'll have a look.
    I'm missing MEfUQ.wav

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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Quote Originally Posted by tfishbein82
    I'm missing MEfUQ.wav
    You're quite right - I've put this wav there separately at this link



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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Downloaded and listened to the samples, this will be very useful.

    Thanks Pingu, for your time and for sharing...

    "You *do* know what a divisi part is, don't you?"

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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Pingu -

    Thank you for this gift. I've downloaded and un-rared.

    Have to get up early, and I'm pushing things as it is, so I won't get to try out the sounds for a day or so, but I will, indeed, try these in several samplers.


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    Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    These are really great, and very useful, especially for atmospheric film/tv scoring. Thanks!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: Freebie Water Cymbal

    Dear Pingu

    Again - Thanks a lot for sharing these samples.

    I find them very inspiering and usefull.

    Best regards

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