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Topic: imac...any good for GPO / RA etc

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    Question imac...any good for GPO / RA etc

    This has probably been asked before, though I can't find a thread. I'm about to (I think) buy an imac (2.33 / 24") to run Logic. My main work will be producing sequences of sample-based sounds (ethnic bundles / GPO etc). Is the internal soundcard good enough to cope? (I know nothing about macs.) presumably with a reasonable firewire audio/midi interface it should do the trick. (Mac pros are so expensive). Has the imac learnt to cope with NI Kontakt player yet?

    Or should I forget it all and get a PC with Cubase etc?



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    Re: imac...any good for GPO / RA etc

    In my personal experience mac audio unit seems to be better than PC vst, I've tested cubase on windows and logic on mac on the same machine and to me my line6 pod xt had a lower latency on mac than on windows, I haven't tested cubase on mac because I only have cubase SX 3 so I can't say how good is cubase on mac. I still like more cubase and I hope to get a mac cubase when I have the money.

    I would pick a mac but you will probably have to use an external sound card, the included one works with audiounit but I still will use an external one.

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