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Topic: Software to replace composers--!

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    Software to replace composers--!

    On my thread "A Cautionary Tale...", Germancomponist posted a story about copyright issues re: online music. Government vs. ASCAP is the general topic.

    Thanks for the story link, Germancomponist--Interesting!

    Something else caught my eye in that PDF document--A story about a random music generator which is supposed to be able to replace the composer. I followed the posted URL:


    And here's a quote from the site's explanation of the program:

    "...Virtual Music Composer does not requires knowledge of composing.
    Virtual Music Composer makes it easy without any programming...LvB's X features an exceptional simple interface. Everything is in front of you!

    "Virtual Music Composer incorporates an easy-to-use program...designed to create a legal and authorized music score for all media platforms...seeking to develop original music compositions: television, radio, advertisements, documentaries, motion pictures, background sound illustrations etc.
    Virtual Music Composer, as music maker software, is an unlimited resource..."

    How 'bout Them apples?!

    I'm going to download the demo version and see what happens with it. As time permits, maybe I'll give it a full test drive and post the results here.


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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    It looks similar to the Jammer program which, if you enter a progression of chord names, will turn them into varying melodic or accompaniment possibilities. It does this by randomly selecting ways of connecting between the constituent notes of any chord and the one that follows. The instrumentation can also be pre-selected. A programmer can set up the software to ensure options are musically reasonable. The principle is similar to chess playing games.

    So does this equal composition? The software has a better chance of producing a pleasant sequence of notes than, say, the proverbial monkey that taps keys on a typewriter has of writing Shakespeare. But a composition is a communication of ideas and ideas are something a program can never have. Exit bored listener.

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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Hmmm... looks interesting! The examples seem pretty bland though. It might be an interesting tool to help composers get ideas, but it will still take a bit of effort to get it sounding nice. There are some obscure neural network based programs which do a better job in my opinion, but even those aren't good enough to replace a human's sense of melody.

    Ideally, I think it is possible for a computer to write beautiful music, and I would not be surprised if the human race achieved it before becoming extinct. I do not think such a thing would replace composers, there's still a joy in composing that will never vanish. I'd be happy to have the automatic melody writer, or symphony writer, or whatever on my desktop. It might prevent a film composer from getting paid big bucks to come up with a catchy melody for a film, but since I am not a wealthy film composer, I wouldn't mind...

    When I listen to a wonderful melody, I do not sit there and think of another human trying to communicate ideas with me. The melody and the music is wonderful by itself.

    It sure would do some very interesting things to music copyright law!
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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Even with the Joseph Schillinger "System" of Composition, he states that it is nothing more that a tool and that without imagination, those tools would be worthless. Since computers have no imagination, I am not too worried.

    The construction of a good melodic line, in all types of music, is an essential part of composition and although there are a couple theories on how good melodies are constructed (Schillinger and Hindemith), none have been proven conclusively. Until this happens, a computer just won't know what to do. It needs variables.

    I don't mind a few little things like the "Canonic Utilities" plugin for Finale, but I can do all of that stuff already and all it does is speed up the process. But I would never want a computer to do any of the grunt work like composing a melody, devising a rhythm, or harmonizing. I am just too picky when it comes to that.
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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    I wonder who needs an automated composer apart from computer manufacturers, sellers or soap-opera producers seeking for cost savings.

    We live in really bad (and lazy) times.
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    Re: Software to replace composers--!


    I . DO . NOT . LIKE . IT.

    IT . IS . NOT . GOOD.

    IT . IS . BAD.

    [Message automatically composed by PostBot™ using "bad/don't like" theme.]

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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Next we will have babies that can make their own mommies and daddies.

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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Wow, Samantha--I loved that:

    "...Next we will have babies that can make their own mommies and daddies..."

    Like Stephen said, there have been programs to generate musical ideas in one way or another for decades. I haven't checked this one out on my computer yet, but I'm not expecting to find Mozart controlling my CPU.

    It's the extravagant hype these people have at their site that made me gasp in amazement--They Are trying to make it sound like film companies, game companies etc who are in constant need for music can just get their program, push a button and push "save" if they like it, then whip it into the sound track. Craziness!


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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    P.S. - Even if there was a program that could indeed compose masterpieces - would we really want that? Seems totally anal to me - not what music is all about!
    Yes, I would really want that... Mozart's music could've been composed by a robot for all I care, I get no more satisfaction out of it knowing it was composed by some old dead guy. If there was a program that could compose masterpieces, why deny those masterpieces a chance to exist just because you wouldn't be able to attribute them to some person? Would you rather the program just be kept a secret and have someone pretend to be composing those masterpieces? The music itself wouldn't change. There are quite a number of folk melodies I enjoy for which the composer isn't known, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying them.
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    Re: Software to replace composers--!

    Hey, thanks for the head's up... this whole composing thing gets old after a while, and with something like this, I can let the program do the composing and spend my time chasing after the babes... This is truly progress...

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