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Topic: Mixing Training DVD?

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    Mixing Training DVD?

    I recently bought a DVD set from audioMIDI called the Basics of Modern Recording and Mixing but found it less than I was hoping.

    It would be cool if there was a training DVD that did this:

    Showed a producer/engineer mixing a pop song or orchestral song etc. They would solo out each of the instruments, explain how they were recorded, show how various EQ's affect the sound and how this effects how they sit in the mix. They would go through each instrumnet, vocals, etc and and demonstrate the best way to get the best mix. If there is such an animal please let me know where to buy it.

    I'm working on a pop song right now and have a ton of tracks going and want to make sure i'm doing all I can to get the best sound possible from my humble talents and studio.

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    I haven't seen it myself but I've heard good things about "Mix it like a record" DVD - it's Hard rock though, not Pop.

    There's a trailer here: http://www.harddisklife.com/A_V/MILAR/WM/MILAR_HI.wmv

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    I haven't seen it, but about a month or two ago, Steinberg came out with a 2 DVD product called "Internal Mixing".


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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    The Steinberg DVD set looks great. I Can't seem to find the price or where to buy...

    All the very best,

    "Every time you play a wrong note God kills a kitten."

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?


    i don't know where you live, but...If you have friends inside the musical business, try looking for a good engineer from a good studio and try working for him as an assistent or whatever. You'll learn a lot more than watching a DVD. The real word teaches more.

    I hope you find what you're looking for.



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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    A video that makes any recording enthusiast smile w/ respect and pride is Tom Dowds Language of Music. We are all his offspring, as he invented the fader and recorded the best musicians who ever lived, as you will see also. The great beginning of Atalantic Records, and our birth as producers, artists, and composers, is all in there, w/ the best tips for improv and imagination one could ask for. His fingerprints are all over every peice of kit we use to this day !!

    A Bird Can't Tell You Much About Aerodynamics,


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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    Check this one:


    I'm thinking about buying it. I already have the videos about Cubase SX/SL 3 from them, and I think they're really good.

    [Edit:] Sorry I didn't realize Stephen had already pointed this.

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    I too have been feeling the need for a video or other basic instruction in mixing, mastering, and midi editing & effects, but in this case it would have to be for a true beginner, assuming NO previous knowledge at all, or else it would be merely frustrating. I realize that most of the people in this forum are more advanced than that.

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Don't expect to get much out of Videos about mixing. Most of it has to do with experience and good ears - and a lot of experimentation.

    You are not going to get good enough quality audio on the DVDs to gain a feel of what sound manipulations actually sound like. Also - no good engineer is going to sell or give away most of his secrets.

    I agree. Although the real pratice world - even if the engineer hide their best skills or whatever - will teach a lot.

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    Re: Mixing Training DVD?

    Even though engineers may hide their best secrets there are those who are willing to share at least their basic working knowledge, especially if they're being finacially compensated. (i.e. selling a video) Streamworks audio is releasing a video in April called "SWA Mastering Revealed." http://streamworksaudio.com/?page=pr...dID=9&catID=12 They've got a sample streaming video already up. They sell by download and DVD and 20 bucks sounds reasonable.

    While a DVD or video can be a plus to show you which knobs and plug-ins to fiddle with, I do agree with Stephen in that "experience and good ears" will still make the most difference.


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