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Topic: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

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    Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    According to MacWorld

    Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    Pro audio software-maker Steinberg on Wednesday released Sequel, a new low-cost music production application at the Musikmesse music trade show in Frankfurt, Germany. Described as a “one-window music studio,” Sequel is clearly going after the users of Apple’s popular GarageBand software.

    According to Steinberg, everything needed to create and perform music live is included — from loops, sounds, effects, instruments to a virtual mixer and other professional “under the hood” features.

    Sequel also includes 3.5GB of built-in loops and sounds covering a huge range of today’s music as well as over 600 instantly playable instruments. With its Live performance mode, a Sequel song can be rearranged and remixed live and on-the-fly for performances at clubs or parties, according to Steinberg.

    Sequel is shipping now and costs $99.

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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    Seeing as I own Cubase 4 I don't really need this, but I'm guessing Sequel will be a big seller for Steinberg.

    So I guess the only real question is...
    Is Sequel GPO compatable?

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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    Do they include a photo application, a movie making application, a DVD application and a web creation application that can all work with each other.

    iLife is also $99 but it's included with the purchase of all consumer Macs.

    It's going to have to be quite a notch above GB to compete with the iLife suite.

    I think they are going after Windows users who wish they could use GarageBand.


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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor


    with the exception of lacking a vintage "wood" look, the colors of the clips and the basic interface look very similar to GB. (design is different - but the same elements are all there)

    Glad to see some competition - this might improve GB, which hasn't seen an update for a year or so. I would love MIDI export, better MIDI editing tools, etc. But otherwise, GB is a great and fun app for doing stuff.

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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    Sequel might bring a challenge to GBand if it can work with less horsepower - GBand is a very resource hungry program. It is also quite capable of a lot work - not so much a toy added into iLife, as it first appears. As Jerry said, maybe this will give Apple some competition to improve GBand. It would be interesting to see the two programs side by side to see which maxes out the system first.
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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    There were reports last year that Microsoft itself was working on a Windows program to compete with GarageBand.

    It's strange when you think about it, but Apple provides a free copy of GarageBand to everybody who buys a Mac. I'll bet 95% of those Mac users never even try to work with GarageBand. Still, it's a great application for in-store demonstrations to show new customers how much creative power is available in the new computer they are considering buying.
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    Re: Steinberg releases Sequel, a GarageBand competitor

    i'm going to have to agree with phil on this one. garage band doesn't have anything to worry about seeing as it comes with macs. its also incredible if you're using imovie, iweb, iphoto, and idvd (the whole ilife suite) - which i do all the time. i think the point of garage band is to lure you into buying logic express, which is meant to lure you into buying logic pro, which makes you say "i just spent 1000 bucks!!!"

    anyway, i don't think garage band has anything to worry about. this is just made to make pc owners not feel so bad about owning a mac.
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