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Topic: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

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    Angry Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    I was loving the new K2 player until I tried changing the key in Sonar. Oh it works. . .but only when you play it back after recording it. Playing it live it plays in its original key. I have a 5 octave keyboard and wanted to get at the notes that were out of range. I set the track at -12 but heard no change in the octave UNTIL I played back what I had recorded. Anyone else getting this behavior?

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    Re: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    KP2 plays whatever the MIDI stream brings it. It makes no difference whether the stream originated in a MIDI controller or a sequencer's MIDI track - KP2 cannot tell the difference. The transposition in Sonar probably doesn't affect MIDI Thru.

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    Cool Re: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    That's odd because in my case if I play through my keyboard with it transposed in the Sonar track, it doesn't play with the transposition. . .only when I hit play after it's been recorded. The previous version of the Kontakt player didn't act that way. It played the transposed track live. VERY useful when playing instruments like clarinets etc. in an orchestral score. Do I have something set up wrong in the Sonar track?

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    Lightbulb Re: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    OK I'm Starting to solve the mystery. I also have the Strad. And when I load it up by itself, the transpose works live like it should. Since the Strad loaded in KP2, GPO was also available to load and if I change the input to None the transpose starts working. So I figured that was it. So I loaded my new template and changed all the inputs from mpu-401 omni to none, loaded up GPO and once again it stopped working (the transpose that is). Well I'm getting closer anyway.

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    Talking Re: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    SOLVED! But it is weird. I discovered that when I loaded the strad from a track template that I made months ago that the output on the KP2 player was listed as Primary Out Stereo. When loading the new player now it doesn't even have that as an option. Only Main Out Stereo. Transpose doesn't work live with that setting. But from the strad template that I made when I got the strad I've created a new template that always load things with PrimaryOut Stereo and now the GPO library works too. So I'm up and running with transpose live. I love the new player. Especially that you can have your sustain pedal work on the piano and also have it do the legato thing on the other instruments within the same instance of the player.

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    Re: Transpose messed up in K2 with Sonar 6

    I am glad to hear, you got it fixed

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