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Topic: Another free water cymbal

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    Smile Another free water cymbal

    I added another cymbal to the Zildjan. This one is a 20 inch crash cymbal.

    The links are here:-


    These were actually the first recordings I made and, as such, there were a few lessons I learned before doing the Zildjan. I suspended the cymbal with a loop of nylon cord through the central hole, which left it very free to resonate, but too mobile. Thus I found it quite hard to get articulations with the heavy, soft beater - whenever I hit the top end of the cymbal the bottom end would vibrate so violently that it made a lot of splashing noises on contact with the water. To avoid this the loud, soft-beater hits aren't actually as loud as I would have liked. Also the bowed samples have less bite, because bowing with much friction caused the cymbal to spin uncontrollably.

    For the Zildjan I hit on the idea of taking the spike of a cymbal stand, and lowering the cymbal on that, which left it far less free to move.

    Nevertheless these samples make a very good complement for the Zildjan.

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    Re: Another free water cymbal

    Thanks! Very, very generous of you! I'm always on the lookout for some unique samples.


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    Re: Another free water cymbal

    Sorry, forgot to mention, to get the Kontakt program to work you need to upack all wav files into a folder called '20 Inch Crash Samples' and place the NKI file one level higher.

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    Re: Another free water cymbal

    "error, project not found"... are they gone already? Darn.

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