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Topic: Just a quick question - multis

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    Just a quick question - multis

    Does anybody know where to put the "Multis" and what to do in order to be recognized by the KP? I moved all instruments from the Multis to the folder where all other instruments are (divided into 8 sections), but somehow KP doesn't find this Multis folder. I just want to use it for some experiments.


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    Re: Just a quick question - multis

    If it is KP2, you are using, you did the wrong thing. With KP2 you need the multis in a subfolder of the GPO KP2 Library folder called "Multis" (and the instruments in a subfolder called "Instruments").

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    Re: Just a quick question - multis

    No it is KP1.1.8.003.
    I have a (sub)folder VSTPlugins, with subfolder Instruments.
    Subfolder Instruments contains all 8 instruments sections including X-Customs. What next?

    I really don't have any idea. Maybe old age????? Who knows.


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    Re: Just a quick question - multis

    Found it!!! It works now. You gave me an idea of how to do it.

    Thanks Nickie,


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