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Topic: Stylus & Sonar 5PE odd behaviour after Drag & drop

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    Arrow Stylus & Sonar 5PE odd behaviour after Drag & drop

    After sucessfully dragging and droping several different groove elements from RMX into their respective midi tracks (assigned properly as per Sonar/Stylus drag & drop video) I get the wierdest behaviour on playback. About every other time I stop and then restart playback in Sonar RMX doubles or triples the tempo of the groove and distorts it as well. Of course it may be Sonar that's doing this...I've got a post in their forum as well. Anybody else seen this? Is it a known issue? Is there a fix or workaround?

    I'd also like to say (since I know Eric sometimes checks in here) that you, Mr Persing have developed one killer app. RMX is amazing. Even with these minor PITAs I can't believe how powerful and intuitive this program is. Chaos...Edit Groups... oooo scary kids! As a commercial music producer for over twenty years I'm only sorry I didn't discover it sooner. I love Trilogy also and hope to pick up Atmosphere before long...but RMX is the bomb. Thanks, Eric.

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    Re: Stylus & Sonar 5PE odd behaviour after Drag & drop

    Glad you're enjoying it! :-)

    Try contacting tech support to sort out the specific issue you are having with Sonar:


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    Re: Stylus & Sonar 5PE odd behaviour after Drag & drop

    I have already done so. Look forward to the reply. One question tho : when I've called the tech support number I have always got an "answering machine" reply. And while, once, someone called and left a message on our studio answering machine with a suggestion (not the right one...but we figured it out) I've never actually spoken to an actual person when I've called you guys. Also, it's always the same voice whether on your answering machine or replying. Do you just have the one guy? Or is that you? Anyway love the stuff. Ain't complainin!!

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