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Topic: can't get MIDI to work on GPO

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    can't get MIDI to work on GPO

    I've been posting this query around in various places but may as well try here.

    I have opened the AUDIO SETUP menu and got to the tab marked MIDI and there's USB device on/off and lots of other on/off tabs but after trying everything I cannot play the GPO with the MIDI keyboard that is attached to my laptop. I know the answer is not far away but I ain't found it yet.

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    Re: can't get MIDI to work on GPO

    One thing that comes to mind - if you connect via a USB device (set USB device to "on") - is, that you may have to turn the keyboard on before you start Kontakt Player.

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    Re: can't get MIDI to work on GPO

    Arctic, it may help to know what program you're using--Sonar? Cubase?--Nickie's suggestion is very good, I hope you've tried that.


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