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Topic: Spectrasonics and Windows Vista

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    Spectrasonics and Windows Vista

    Has Anyone had any succes in installing any of these three on Vista? I tried late last night, but it didn't work. RMX installed nice, but couldn't find the sage library (in 1.5). I tried to install it on D:\
    Atmosphere couldn't install (got unknown error a couple of times...I haven't tried Trilogy yet, but I fear it's the same as Atmosphere....

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    Re: Spectrasonics and Windows Vista

    Atmosphere installed fine on Vista 32, Stylus RMX died, but I think mt DVD is scratched!

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    Question Re: Spectrasonics and Windows Vista

    Rmx is installed with all of the sage expanders on my C:\ drive... No biggie, but the load time is greater. The 1.5 update workede brilliante, and the plug works 100% I even went through the viedos just for fun while doing it. They are still absolutly brilliant.

    Both Atmosphere and Trilogy are installed, but I can't update them with 1.2??? And the plugs doesn't work...Or it can't find the library, and the authorization seems strange... I installed them on C:\program files\spectrasonics... Is this a problem?

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    Talking Re: Spectrasonics and Windows Vista


    Damm... After realizing what this feature did, it was easy... Everything (except my midi mate for some reason) works perfectly.

    A big thank you for Eric for making such a grand product. The gift that keeps giving.

    ...Now on to the Ni plugs....

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