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Topic: Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

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    Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

    Upgraded my old PMI Bosendorfer to Ivory, and of course Ivory sounds much better. The Bosendorfer and Yamaha sound great but the Steinway sounds muffled especially in the Bass. I'm curious if those who own Ivory and enjoy the Steinway have found certain settings over the defaults that may improve the sound, especially in the bass. The Steinway also seems very "touchy" but using a "hard" velocity setting improved that. I have tried fidling with Timbre and other settings but nothing makes it sound much better.

    Yes, I know some will say "buy Akoustik Piano or something else if you want a good Steinway", but considering how realistic the Bosendorfer and Yamaha sound I have to wonder if they just didn't as good a job sampling the Steinway or that's simply the way that Steinway they used actually sounds! Seem like if Synthogy could only improve the Steinway it would be perfect.

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    Re: Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

    Hi sfpiano

    Are you using Ivory in a DAW?

    If I am not happy with any of my sounds, I sometimes use Cubase EQ, or a Dynamic Plug-in.

    Have you tried the different EQ presets in Ivory? I didn't find them for quite some time.

    The funny thing is, in Ivory, the Steinway is my favourite, and I use the hard setting, but the Bos, is my least favourite.

    I still think the PMI Bosendorfer takes some beating, I always find myself going back to it.

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    Re: Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

    I am using it stand-alone. I haven't tweaked the EQ settings too much but I'll give that a try. The upper register of the Steinway sounds great, but below middle C unless you are playing forte or lounder it sounds very muffled and unclear. It's been a while since I've played a *real* Steinway so perhaps that's normal? The Bosendorfer and Yamaha sounds very clear and seem more even as well.

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    Re: Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

    To me the Steinway also seems to lack that low end, kinda more a mid-rangey piano, which I suppose is what sets it apart from the Yam and Bose. Eq seems to be what's needed, but I think even that has its limits. I just use the other two if I need that low and hi end clarity, and the keep the Steinway strictly for the more intimate types of songs.

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    Re: Settings to improve Ivory's Steinway sound?

    Indeed, it appears that setting the low EQ setting to -10db or less improves the clarity of the bass somewhat. It is true that all three pianos have very distrinct sounds, which I suppose is good. The Ivory demos of the Steinway don't really reveal the behavior I'm seeing but I'm getting used to it and really enjoy the sound of the Yamaha and Bosendorfer. I have the Faziloi on order as well, will be interested to compare. Thx.

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