I just want to rub it in just how fortunate you people are. My PC has been long gone for quite some time waiting to finish my private studio and music store studio. So, I'm forced for the time being to use and old outboard sequencer, sound module (Yeessshh!) and midis already produced for my schools "Idol" contest which I may add will not be aired, sold, or advertised outside of our little domain. (So put the thoughts away and let's not go there!)
Anywho, It just stinks I cannot use Garritan or any other lib (for now) on this project. Personally, it hurts but for the production, no one else really knows the differents! Last year I replaced all the instrument settings with GPO, JABB, and Strad 1. Nice! This year .... AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
So, you go and produce more of that fine music of yours I so love to listen to during the day at woik! You guys are all tops in my book (where the heck did I put that book anyway/) And remmember how fortunate you dang people are using GPO and the like!
Just thought I would rub it in. No, not that kind of rub it in! Besides, I ran out of lizzard oil.