I recently downloaded Protege from a Computer Music magazine that had the demo onboard. When I went to launch NOTION to compare the two, NOTION wouldn't launch. I tried updating the program from the updates through the website and all but nothing. I went into my Application Support folder and went into the NOTION folder which showed all of the licences and data were present, yet still no launch. Weird. I suppose I will have to re-load NOTION from the original program discs once I get home (I'm away in the US right now and thus don't have access to the discs).

I'm wondering if the permissions on Protege overwrote the authorizations for NOTION. If this is the case, I hope my iLok dongle wasn't affected. I guess I will find out when I get home and try it out on the other computers I have loaded with NOTION.

Any suggestions (aside from not loading Protege demos when I already have the full-blown program on my computer?). If it makes a difference, I was checking out Protege to possibly review the program for an e-zine.