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Topic: Studio, No response from Keyboard

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    Studio, No response from Keyboard

    Hi, I've been having a problem with GPO Studio/VST for some time and it's been more glaring recently. You see, I originally bought GPO to use on my iBook with Tracktion using midi files from Sibelius. This worked fine enough, but I've been wanting more control so I tried hooking my iBook up to one of the Alesis keyboards in my music school's composition lab. The GPO application itself responds fine to the keyboard, but it has no record function. GPO Studio does, but it won't respond to the keyboard. Here's the thing, when I use Studio as a standalone application it at least responds to my clicking on notes with the mouse, but it won't even make sounds doing that in Tracktion using the VST function. It used to, but it just stopped doing that one day. I've re-installed both Studio and GPO and nothing has changed. I've read the tutorials which explain that I need to connect an input to a track to record in Tracktion, but I only see 2 inputs both which represent my iBook's microphone. Is this a problem with the VST or with Tracktion? Thanks,

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    Re: Studio, No response from Keyboard

    Hi Jared,

    Studio is a special VST host application that takes midi outputs from a different program on your computer (Sibelius, Traction, Digital Performer) and runs them through GPO/JABB instead of your GM sounds before sending it to your speakers. Studio won't respond directly to a keyboard because its only inputs are through Virtual midi ports it creates on installation. As you mentioned, you need to have a host program sending MIDI signals to Studio through these ports.

    If I read your post correctly, you are creating an audio track in traction. To get your keyboard to respond you will need a MIDI track.

    First, check the MIDI Devices dialogue in Traction. GPO Studio creates several midi output ports on install (GPO Studio 1-8). You will need to enable these. Also, make sure your connected midi inputs include the MIDI or USB port the keyboard is connected to.

    Next, insert a new midi track. Select the input to the track to be MIDI omni so it will pick up your keyboard and the output to be Channel 1 on Studio 1. If Studio is open and an instrument is loaded in the first slot, you will be able to hear it and control it with the keyboard.

    Studio takes MIDI data and does the conversion to audio.

    Hope this helps,


    EDIT: You should be able to use the VST instruments in Tracktion to mix down a mix (and you won't need studio). Select a midi track and look for a "Bounce track to audio" or "Render" option in the pulldown menus. Using VSTs within Tracktion will decrease your CPU load.
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    Re: Studio, No response from Keyboard

    This seems like an obvious answer, which is probably why it worked. Thank you very much for the help, to think it was all because I had forgotten to check a couple boxes. And I misunderstood the nature of Studio. I do think working within Tracktion is a more practical idea, that's what I'm doing now. Again thanks, that clears up a few questions I had.

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