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Topic: Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

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    Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

    I must upgrade to a better notation software (using OvertureSE now). This one was a beast to work with in SE with all big chords!
    Anyway, took a lot of work to get the repeated chords to sound reasonably good. Love this etude, i might work on it some more... probably when i've bought Finale2007!


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    Re: Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

    Fine job,Tocca!

    Notating this must have been exasperating... lol.

    You will most certainly be in heaven when the new
    Garritan Steinway comes out... especially in pieces
    of this kind that demand more dynamic lattitude
    than is comfortable with the GPO Steinways.

    My best,


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    Re: Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

    I have the Vladimir Horowitz Favorite Encores CD and he plays this piece. I hope you have upgraded to Finale 2007 so that you can use the Steinway and pedal markings to try and capture the Horowitz effect. Since you have aready done the work I think it would be a wonderful project.

    I did the Schubert impormptus in G flat. I orchestrated and posted it on my PowerProfile page.

    This etude in one my favorites, but then I love all things Horowitz
    Samantha Penigar


    Dream it! Then Do it! Good things come to those who work while they wait. [COLOR=purple]Persistence[/COLO

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    Re: Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

    Hi, Tocca

    It's a beautiful piece of music, to be sure, and the work you've done on this is impressive. There's less flow in the recording than the Horowitz which Samantha understandably admires, but that's rather to be expected considering this was done in notation and does need an even more expressive piano, as David pointed out.

    I would have enjoyed the piano not being quite so far away in so large a venue, but the sound is probably fairly close to the traditionally very reverberant concert recordings.

    Did you know that you didn't fill in your MP3 ID tag? It says "Unknown Artist"--the default text when someone doesn't put their name in. You should proudly be displaying your name in that scroll!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Scriabin Etude Op.8 no.12

    I really like the way Horowitz plays this one too, such power and yet so sensitive! There's a lot i could improve on this (and other piano works in GPO) but i'm holding off until the new Steinway for GPO arrives. I'll probably buy Finale 2007 at the same time too.

    Have you seen this video on youtube, from Horowitz Moscow performance 1986 where he plays this etude. 83 years old and still going strong!!


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