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Topic: Next Sound Kit???

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    Next Sound Kit???


    I have been wondering what the next sound kit may be, though I think one is not on the immediate horizon. Even so, we can give Notion some ideas.

    I would like to see an Expansion kit for the electric guitar on Rhythm Kit. I have enjoyed Notion a lot, and have many plans to use it in a variety of ways. The Rhythm Kit itself has been great, though the guitar for preformance usages has been a disappointment (for me at least). The instrument sounds fine, but there is a distinct lack of variation in tones which I think could fixed with a few added features.

    Here is my suggestion for an Expand Guitar kit:

    1. To have a choice of pick up's -- neck and bridge. Perhaps it maybe too much to for both at one time, but a choice to switch would be nice.

    2. To play close to the bridge or neck. Playing close to the bridge on the neck pick up or over the neck on a bridge pick up are completely different sounds. Using things like Sur La Table -- or any such marking seems to have no effect on the guitar.

    3. Arpeggios on the chord entry function. If I could use up or down argeggios on Lead Sheet Chord Set up it would save me a lot of time. It seems the Lead Sheet Chord Set Up plays from the root in a down stroke. Even a choice between up or down would help. Best case would to be able to use the multi voice section for a droning or alternating picking line and an upper line with a Lead Sheet Chord set up with the arpeggios. I realized this last bit maybe a bit much to ask. as it would ask a lot of the notation system and playback.

    4. Have the open tie for strings assigned to a keyboard key.

    5. An acoustic guitar of some sort -- even as a seperate instrument.

    I am sure others would like to see some other instruments also. Let's give them some ideas...


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    Re: Next Sound Kit???

    I would sure like to see a pipe organ and some vocal tools. NOTION is a great compositional tool, but its use by Church Musicians, like myself, currently defaults to piano for organ, and piano for vocal sounds. Even if vocal oohs and aahs like other libraries, some representation of these sounds aside from the non-vocal, percussive (not legato) sounding piano would be in order. Organ accompaniment is the basis of much of choral literature. Having a sample that could be used in rehearsal (and even at times in performance) would be a welcome addition.

    Keep up the good work. Look forward to future offerings and my arrival of the Solo String lib.

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