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Topic: Where to find Developer forums

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    Question Where to find Developer forums

    I tried to find in Google guidelines for software developers.

    About encryption, Software licensing, trial version, registration, activation key etc...

    There are plenty of advertising on products but nothing about forum developers or documents covering this topic.

    Is somebody knows where a beginner in this matter can find good infos ?



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    Re: Where to find Developer forums


    I got a little confused. Not sure if I can help you in the end either way, but right now I'm not sure on what you're looking for. The thread is in the game forum, so I would assume that you're looking info for computer games software? but the key activation and such seem to be more towards samples... ? Any further info?

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    Re: Where to find Developer forums


    Here's the story,

    I've done house programming in business for years and never had to sell software to domestic market nor the Web. But now my application aim at customers and it's a different story.

    My application is not related to games (music making instead) but the basic remains the same. It's a lot of things to consider along with developing software. I'm affraid it's even more consuming time and energy than programming when you don't have the overall picture.

    I know about some licensing softwares, encryption, services and products , related to the selling process but not the A to Z diagramm.

    And It's why I'm looking for software developers forums.

    Finally it became an adventure game like Myst


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    Re: Where to find Developer forums



    no idea how to help you then. Maybe you should seek legal assistance apart from a forum? Maybe wiki could help you get started (not the absolute best and not 100% true but still it's got some amazing information in there)?

    don't know what else to say. sorry for not helping any further.

    Can we find out what this software is about? I'm pretty curious!

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    Re: Where to find Developer forums

    Sorry Nikolas there are some steps to complete and specifically those hell ones explained above. The launching estimation is set to somewhere in the coming fall.

    But you will love it



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    Re: Where to find Developer forums


    I just thought that maybe... just maybe the folks over at www.cgempire.com (see my signature) could maybe help you. It is a game developers forum, with plenty of pros, coders, etc. Prolly one will know how to help you.

    Hope to see you there.

    gamasutra could be one as well? www.Garagegames.com

    I first thought of cgempire as I know the people there and know they will stretch a hand to help you...

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    Re: Where to find Developer forums


    Thanks for the links. I'll remember your help in the future


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