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Topic: Videos of opera productions?

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    Videos of opera productions?

    I am looking to teach my students a short (2-3 day) overview of the history of Opera. I'd like to show them quick snippets of operas from the various eras.

    I don't have money (or school budget) to buy a lot of videos, especially since I'll only be showing a minute or two from each. I'd like to either download clips or buy one or two "compilation" or videos.

    Is anyone aware of:

    -Any downloadable video clips from opera productions (preferably free/public domain, but I would pay a reasonable amount per clip)
    -A good "History of Opera" documentary or compilation that includes clips from Renaissance to contemporary opera (or as near as possible).

    This is just a short overview unit for a high school orchestra class, so it should not be long, drawn-out, or excessively detailed.


    P.S. I would also be interested in a "history of instrumental music" documentary to supplement a unit I have already begun.

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    Re: Videos of opera productions?

    I see that you're in Baltimore.. Here in New York City, the public library has dvd's and videos of operas... Could it be that your library has these? Might be worth checkign out...

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