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Topic: Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

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    Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    This wold normally be completely off topic, but the original Fanfare thread seems to have lost attention. First, I want ot say that I thought the rendition was superb, did not notice, as one person did, anything wrong with the timpani, buton the rest of the percussion could indeed have stood to ring out a little longer. I thought the trombones were great, I actually noticed them in particular, but the gentleman who disagreed plays trombone for real, so what do I know.


    here is my question. I have heard this many times before and one of those was the army band version that used to have a link on teh Wiki Copland page (and perhaps still does) I coudn't figure out how the free distarbution was not a copyright violation. Copeland's stuff isn't public domain yet, is it? I thought it ws 60 years after the coposers death or something. Then I got wondering if it is public domain because it was compoed for the olympics, that perhaps there was a special arragnement to make it public domain, like with certain arrangements of national anthems. Does anyone know?

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    Re: Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    Personally, the trumpets sound are what I felt had too many moments of synthiness. The sequence itself was very good.

    The work was not written for the Olympics:

    Copland, in his autobiography, wrote of the request: "Eugene Goossens, conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, had written to me at the end of August about an idea he wanted to put into action for the 1942-43 concert season. During World War I he had asked British composers for a fanfare to begin each orchestral concert. It had been so successful that he thought to repeat the procedure in World War II with American composers". A total of eighteen fanfares were written at Goossens' behest, but Copland's is the only one which remains in the standard repertoire.

    I think this is being posted under fair use. The VSL site is posting mp3s and the MIDI sequence for people to study how it was created, so it may be seen as educational. They have posted many works still protected by copyright laws. That is my take on it at least.

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    Re: Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    It is my understanding that VSL pays the necessary fees to host copyrighted material.


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    Re: Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    Thes fees though, as I udnerstand it, would be only the performance rights and only. There is no copyright issue as far as I'm concerned. Nobody is stealing Coplands work, just performing it (and I won't stop saying performance about Jays' works!)

    Of course hosting the midi file, could be percieved as a violation of publication copyright (which of course is yet to be freed as well). Still I do think that it does fall under the fair use idea... It really does, and if this doesn't then nothing does!

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    Re: Question about "Fanfare for the Common Man"

    Quote Originally Posted by nikolas
    Thes fees though, as I udnerstand it, would be only the performance rights and only.
    That's once it becomes public domain...

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