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Topic: Using Cubase with physical hardware....

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    Using Cubase with physical hardware....

    I have a quick question, it's not imminent, but it's been bugging me for awhile as I will need to do something similar in the not to distant future.

    Let's say I am running a track in Cubase and I want to run an insert on said track. Well, inserting a VST is fairly simple, but what if I want to run a physical insert? IE I want the track to run to a physical output, into an audio processor on my rack, then the processed sound will go back and play in Cubase.

    Is this possible with Cubase alone? Would I need to download a specialized VST to put into the virtual insert which could route the signal as such? Or is it not possible to do this?

    PS: Physical outputs are not a problem, I have 16 now and will be adding additional ones soon.

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    Re: Using Cubase with physical hardware....

    I'm not in front of Cubase but if you can't route your incoming audio back into a Cubase input track I think the answer to your question is going to come down to the routing capabilities of your sound card. I am using EMU 1820M with patchmix and I can set up all kinds of routing configurations.
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    Re: Using Cubase with physical hardware....

    Depending on your version of Cubase, it will allow you to set up an external effect as an insert. You need to have enough I/O to do this, but it's pretty easy to do following the instructions in the manual.

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