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Topic: Key release in Spectrasonics Trilogy

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    Key release in Spectrasonics Trilogy

    I'm using the Ac.Upright Bass patch in Trilogy and about 50% of the time there is this rather annoying string slap when I release the note. Obviously, this is intentional (and desirable for certain tracks) but it's not working at all in this track. Is there a way of switching it off ? I can't find anything in the manual about it.
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    Re: Key release in Spectrasonics Trilogy

    Isn't the release noise one of the two layers loaded with that patch ("Finger Noise")? Decrasing the volume on the appropriate layer should minimize the effect. I haven't used Trilogy for awhile though so I could be wrong.
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    Re: Key release in Spectrasonics Trilogy

    Lower the volume of the B layer.

    Pretty easy. :-)

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