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Topic: Solo Strings Comparison

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    Solo Strings Comparison

    These string trio pieces are the same string sequence done with two different solo string sample sets from different libraries. If you are interested in solo string samples and libraries, you might be interested in making the comparisons and contrasts here. I'll hold off on the identity of the libraries, but you will probably figure them out.

    Gut String Trio

    Gut Sting Trio

    I'd be interested in your comments on this.


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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    great sequences!

    1 question, at about 30 secs in the first piece has some strings doing tremolo but the second rendition they are different rhythmic back up thing.

    The first one sounded darker and really dug in more which I thought was a much more appropriate sound for this style piece. Bu the tremolos on the second one were better. The tremolo in the first library, at the time I mention before sounds really robotic.

    All in all I like the first library a lot better for this piece, just didn't like its tremolos. The second set I might like better on a more soothing melodic piece.. maybe.

    I have no guesses as to which libraries these are, I don't own any solo string libraries unfortunately , but I really want to know which is which. PM me if you are going to wait awhile to announce.

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    Very cool piece, and thank you for doing the mockup with two libs. Its always interesting to hear the same piece "performed" by two different libraries.

    I'm curious, which strings library did you use to first compose/program the piece? (is this an original piece?) My guess is lib #1, as it sounds better balance/blend wise IMO.

    Very cool though!

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    I also vote for the first. It's more aggressive and engaging. The second set sounds timid and thin by comparison.

    Nice composition, as usual!

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    They both sound good to me, but as others have stated the more aggressive tone of the first is better for most of this piece.

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    What the heck, the first is VSL, and the second is Garritan.

    I agree with others about the tremelo being unrealistic in the first version, also, the second version has many places where instruments were not given proper attention to the use of vibrato, especially compared to the first piece.

    In all fairness, comparisons like this are impossible to do since both libraries require completely different approaches to the programming.

    Even if the same person used the same midi file and modified both files to accomodate both libraries, the results will be radically different. What I am trying to say is this..... if you had one person making 6 different comparisons, all comparisons using the same two libraries, there would be no consistant "vote" for one library verses the other, because of the neverending possibility to create a different sounding recording each time.

    Thanks for doing this, although it is very unclear as to the reason behind this topic.
    Cool piece for this demo though!

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    The first one resembles some of the attitude in KH Emerald solo strings or maybe one of his earlier projects, but I'd not know other libs. to be able to make a real guess.

    I do like the first sound better.

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    The first one is Gold XP or platinum XP and
    the second one is Dan Dean solo strings?

    Anyway the piece is great!!!


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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    Quote Originally Posted by DPDAN
    What the heck, the first is VSL, and the second is Garritan.
    Nope! The first is not VSL I won't say what it is though ! (I've cheated that's why). At least I don't think it is. I don't want to be 100% ever...

    I really like the piece and the only give away (imho) is the plenty of repeatitions, which you can't avoid but to make very simmilar. The tremolo as well in the first, lathough more aggressive, is not perfect...

    Either way, I've PMed you as well, is there a score to see for this piece? I'd love to see it.

    EDIT: Since Robert said it, It's Platinum xp pro mostly close mics and a little S ones I believe... The second one , I would assume it's Dan Dean, but didn't know they had so many articulations... Ah well.. the ignorance some times. Glad this forum is around

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    Re: Solo Strings Comparison

    Wow! You've nearly exhausted the possibilities!

    The first one is with Kirk Hunter Solo Strings and the second is EWQLSO platinum xp (using 2 mic positions).

    I didn't want to drop any hints earlier, but you spotted one difference between them: the KHSS has tremolo samples while EW solo string samples does not. (A pity!)

    I originally did this with the KHSS and only recently did I try the piece with the EW samples.

    The KHSS version had reverb added to it while the EW version does not. In the second version the c and f mic samples were used with the c mic samples more prominent.


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