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Topic: Pianoteq 2

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    Pianoteq 2

    Has anyone tried it yet? Any feedbacks?

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    Re: Pianoteq 2

    I have downloaded the update yesterday, and I think the sound
    has improved quite a bit from V1...

    I could offer to render some midi-file to MP3 if that is helpful to
    get a better impression...

    Best regards,

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    Re: Pianoteq 2

    Just downloaded and installed it here too..
    Really like it! Nice to have a Standalone... and as plugin, v1 and v2 can co-exist (interesting to compare the same presets in both versions.. there is quite a bit of difference!), and v2 loads user fxp presets from v1. (haven't tried in the other direction, but, why should I? )
    Nothing negative to say at all (o.k... there could be greater differences between the three possible options of the new Lid parameter). Very happy indeed with this update so far.
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