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Topic: OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

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    OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

    I just had a chilling computer scare... I restarted the computer and it said something like "Cannot start Windows, bla bla bla system file corrupt or missing." I finally got it working, but who knows? Maybe my computer has entered its final days...

    So I'm about to start backing up my important files while I can, and I'm going to try shoving them on what's available on my 80 GB iPod. Woohoo. Not just for music!

    Hopefully it'll work out fine... sorry, I just felt like blathering about it. I'm all shaky. Not having all those Overture files... I don't know what I'd do...
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    Re: OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

    Happened to me at the beginning of this year. Not very fun times at all. Hope the back up goes okay

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    Re: OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

    Sean, it looks like you have some urgent tasks to do NOW!

    1. Backup everything, twice.

    2. Scan your drive for disk errors.

    3. Do a complete system virus scan.

    4. Do a complete system scan with AdAware or something similar.

    5. Defrag your system.

    This will take some time, but it appears quite necessary! If you have the option, and need to restore, be sure you have selected the option to maintain the same system fingerprint when you did the backup.


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    Re: OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

    Don't forget [STOP]

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    Re: OT: Hmmm... time to backup my files

    Sounds like the beginnings of the death of your HD. Do not delay - HD prices are low enough that it should be an easy enough fix - just a pita to have to deal with. Hope you get it all squared away and can continue making music.
    Dayton, Kentucky
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