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Topic: EWQLSO Gold XP Strange Behavior

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    EWQLSO Gold XP Strange Behavior

    Has anyone encountered this?

    In Sonar 5 Producer Edition:

    I have 4 instances of EWQLSO Gold XP - all MIDI channels set to 1

    Together, everything sounds peachy. I decide to freeze the individual tracks to do a little wav editing on each (for track envelopes).

    As a result, every single note has become stacatto - when before, unfrozen, every note was in the proper sustained notes.

    In a panic, I unfreeze all and they are back to normal.

    I freeze only one track. The notes all go back to stacatto.

    Am I alone here - or has anyone else encountered this?

    Is this a NI player problem? Is this a Sonar 5 PE problem? Is there a fix?


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    Re: EWQLSO Gold XP Strange Behavior

    I used to have problems with bouncing/freezing certain Native Instruments synths (including EWQLSO Gold). Notes would stick or drop off in mixdown, where they hadn't during playback.

    Someone suggested switching to the VST version (I was using DXi at the time) and that seemed to help. Also, you might want to try turning off "quick bounce" or "quick freeze" or whatever.

    Hope that helps,

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold XP Strange Behavior

    Is quick bounce or quick freeze in Sonar or is that a part of the NI players?

    I will certainly load up the vsti versions next time.

    Funny thing is, I vaguely remember having this same problem months ago with other NI products and got a similar answer.

    Old age sucks (lol).


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