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Topic: Possible problems with GPO Studio?

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    Possible problems with GPO Studio?

    Shame my first post to this or any other Forum is an installation issue, but I have GPO and Studio installed from DVD, including two fixes available on the Forum. I am a total novice with GPO, but I have trawled the forum seeking answers to these without success.

    I am using Noteworthy Composer, and everything seems to be working apart from:
    1. On start up of Garritan Studio, I get a "Garritan Studio Error" window containing a set of error messages (14 lines of it) the last one of which is "Can't set value of HKCR/GarritanStudio.patch\shell\open\command etc. Some of these quote error 2, some error 5. Despite this, the programme seems to work fine if I click OK.

    2. There is no Help file available under the Help/Content button. Should there be?

    3. While playback from Noteworthy recognises tempo changes, GPO is not recognising dynamics. I can see no reason why not, since these are inserted as midi controller messages.

    Most of my files are relatively simple and do not have huge amounts of controller data (my main interest to date has been the notated score to allow for a decent live performance, rather than a fully mastered production). I therefore don't want to have to do an intermediate edit of a midi file in a sequencer if I can avoid it.

    Any advice on the above would be appreciated.


    Robert Elliott, Chester, UK

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    Re: Possible problems with GPO Studio?

    I'm making an educated guess here - that something was going on in the background while you were doing the GPO installation and/or updates.

    If you know the Windows Registry, then please forgive my presumptuousness - I just need to start somewhere.

    The "HKCR" refers to a key in the Windows Registry . . . the database system that keeps track of everything for the operating system. When Windows boots it scans the Registry and reconciles certain data with hardware and software it actually finds in the system. Sometimes keys are written to the Registry while an application is being installed, and if the installation meets given criteria these keys may be deleted; this provides Windows with a status report on the installation.

    I don't have a comparable key in my registry on the machine I'm using for GPO and JABB, so I'm suspecting another application (clock, AV, spyware app, IM polling, or whatever) interrupted the GPO installation before Windows could clean up its "scratch sheet." You might try uninstalling GPO, making sure nothing else is running in the background, and reinstalling.

    If you want help with this, feel free to PM me.



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    Re: Possible problems with GPO Studio?

    Thanks for the suggestion, Joe. Did you mean uninstall GPO, or just Studio? All of the errors relate to Studio, so I have uninstalled that, downloaded a fresh one and reinstalled it, after first clearing everything possible from Task Manager.

    After a re-install I have exactly the same symptoms. Other suggestions welcome!


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