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Topic: Layout

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    Just received my Notion software and so far, thrilled with the potential. I have been looking for a way to represent orchetral scores without purchasing hugely expensive keyboards etc, so Thanks for that.

    I have been using Sibelius 4 and am making the transition to Notion. One main use of my notation software, however, is to submit scores for my Ph.D work (and now I can send wave files of my work untilI can pursuade my tutor to purchase Notion!)

    My concern at first glance with Notion is that when I look at the demo Piano piece (Chopin) I note that there is only one stave per page. How come?

    If Notion is primarily a performance tool and not a notation tool, I am then compelled to write scores in Sib 4 and import as MIDI and (let's face it- there is considerable editing to be done this way) meaning I do virtually twice the work.

    Is there a way to control the number of staffs on a page?

    If I need to stick with two software programs, would it be better to work in Notion and import as MIDI to Sibelius? (I haven't tried that yet!)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Layout

    Is there a way to control the number of staffs on a page? Easily. View>Pages Across or Pages Down. If you click Single System Page, it will help to make a larger score more viewable on screen, but doesn't help for printing. For printing, pages down, and an unchecked single system page produces parts. You can also fine tune this in File>Page Setup; there are many printing options--font size, paper choice, etc. One can force a page or system break when entering bar lines as well. Once your score is complete, and layout options are decided, Notion can extract all the parts for printing in one fell swoop. Go to File, then Import Export then Extract Parts to see options.

    If I need to stick with two software programs, would it be better to work in Notion and import as MIDI to Sibelius? It is my understanding, one can only import MIDI into Notion at this point, and not export it to MIDI. I think this feature is coming. Currently as output, Notion only makes .wav files,Music XML via export, or Notion(.ntn) files.

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    Re: Layout

    Turn off View > Single System per Page to get more than one system.

    NOTION has some excellent features, but import and export of scores from other programs is not one of them. Unless the scores you wish to import from Sibelius are fairly simple, you will run into problems, and there is currently no export function such as MusicXML for exporting to Sibelius.

    If you are comfortable with Sibelius, why change? You don't need expensive keyboards - the sounds like GPO are not all that expensive, and Sibelius does give control over layout, formatting and print sizes not found in NOTION.

    But is a NOTION score so bad? I know there are currently issues with some aspects of print, but if you send your print file straight to .pdf you can get a quite reasonable looking score. The music is perfectly clear, even if not as elegant as Sibelius. I guess it depends on the style of the music, why you need the performance capabilities of NOTION, and what standard of engraving you require for your submission.

    My view is that until import/export is improved, it may be better to stick to one piece of software, since most of the functions are duplicated.

    I strongly advise you to spend a fair amount of time with the new software, trying out all the things you would need to do, before you commit yourself to one or the other.

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    Re: Layout

    The demo of Chopin's prelude for NOTION is set on "single staff per page" intentionally for smoother scrolling of the playback and NTempo performance of the piece.

    The software allows as many staffs per page as will fit given the page size and font size selected.

    While printout is not of "engraver quality" as in Sibelius and/or Finale, it is professional, readable printable. The playback is what sets it apart though...


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    Re: Layout

    Thanks for your replies.

    Firstly, that is great news about the single staff for easier playback. I had no idea. So that solves my concern over having multiple piano staffs (for example). It can be done.

    I actually have no problem with the layout of Notion as a publishibg tool - I think it looks pretty smart EVEN compared to Sibelius. (having touble with slurs though!)

    As for the question of changing to Notion? Well, unless I missed something and Notion is NOT the first reasonably priced sampled notation software program, the orchestral sounds are simply fantastic. I am not a great computer whizz and so trying to get convincing sounds out of my MIDI stuff is simply frustrating. It's great to have Notion do it all for you.

    I have now spent several hours with Notion and I find any problems I have are usually due to human error (me) and not the software.

    I must add that customer support has been very impressive!

    Thanks for your responses.

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    Re: Layout

    Quote Originally Posted by npfduggan
    (having touble with slurs though!)
    What kind of trouble? Slurs with tuplets are a problem because they attach to the wrong notes, but if you put the beams on the opposite side from the slur they fix themselves.

    Very occasionally slurs don't 'take' - then you have to re-input at least one of the notes the slur it to attach to, and try again. It usually works.

    I agree with the comment about the sounds - not just the quality, clarity and musicality, but the ease of use is very attractive.

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