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Topic: Piano + string quartet

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    Piano + string quartet

    Hi, hope you like this one.


    Best regards, Jonte

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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    This is very exciting indeed. I found the frenzied energy very powerful. Is this part of a larger work? I would love to see the score for this. One thing that was a little distracting was the panning. It sounded too exaggerated and unnatural.

    Lovely piece
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    Hello, Jonte

    I try to avoid using the word "interesting" to describe music, since it can be a code word for "I didn't like it." But I found your piece Interesting in the true sense of the word. I enjoyed listening very much, and found it intriguing.

    Along with LouisD, I'd certainly like to hear more if this is part of a larger piece--which it sounds like it probably is?

    What was the plucked sound? Perhaps actually plucking an acoustic piano's strings?

    Technical note, comment--I didn't find the panning objectionable. I'm not sure why it would be heard as "unnatural." Wide panning is the effect a listener has when close to the musicians--as in your piece.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    Absolutely adore this! It would be fantastic for a ballet (I was already mentally watching it while listening )
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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    Adventuresome and innovative writing! Vic got it in my
    mind to think of it in terms of modern ballet, and then
    I could not help but listen to it that way... lol.

    To me, this seems to ask for further movements, Jonte?
    Bring them forward!

    My best,


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    Re: Piano + string quartet


    Very descriptive writing. A ballet piece, yes, and also a great background cue for film. What is interesting about this piece is that it keeps the listener waiting for what's going to happen next. It's hard to second guess succeeding musical phrases and progressions when hearing contemporary music like this.......

    Good writing, Jonte. And, as etLux said, "More........."

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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    I sometimes have a hard time listening to this type (experimental) of classical music but not the case with this piece. It is very listenable and enjoyable and inovative - a great feat! These discussions as you know rage on in the painting and sculpture world as well.

    There is a movie called "Green Card" with Andie McDowell and a French actor (whose name eludes me and is quite good) that has a wonderfull scene of piano playing (experimental and otherwise) That scene is worth the price of admission by itself. If you have not seen it, you must get it. You can probably identify with it.

    Thanks for sharing and keep it coming.

    I would also be interested in hearing what instruments and/or samplers you used for doing this recording.

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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    I'd be very intrested in your compositional process for this piece. I think I have heard some small paterns in the intervals. Would you mind sharing?


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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    Sorry for the late reply on this one. I had some trouble with logging in, and I gave up for a while, and forgot all about this.

    Thanks for your kind words! I´m working on another movement, that will hopefully be interesting enough to display.

    Best regards, Jonte

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    Re: Piano + string quartet

    Interesting (in a good way!). The first time through I was a little confused for the first 10 or 15 seconds or so – it seemed kind of clumsy – but then as other voices entered it began to make sense. Listening again (I’m now on the 4th time through) I didn’t find the beginning clumsy, just an anticipation for the more complex rhythms to come.

    I’m with the others – I hope there is more on the way.
    Trent P. McDonald

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