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Topic: wishes-pianotrio+strings

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    it's been a while since I've posted some music in the listening room, so today I wrote this piece and offer to the forum just to let you know you won't get rid of me that easily . It's not a joyful song, it seems easier to me to write tender and sentimental things... Anyway I love the sound of muted strings and the jabb steinway is more expressive than other dedicated piano libraries I own. I take this opportunity to wish a happy easter to everybody.



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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    Roberto--our maestro in Italy--"Wishes" is superb. It's early morning as I listen, but the mood of the music makes me feel it's late evening, maybe I'm sipping some wine with my love by the fire side. --And I'm caught up in the quiet ending of a lush romantic film from the '40's.

    Deep bow of appreciation.


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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    A triumph in performance and recording as usual.
    I'll scream if posts to that stupid 1st April piano recital, knocks this down the page.
    I learn so much about my own short-comings everytime I hear one of your compositions. It's so inspiring, it really makes me want to try harder.


    Best regards


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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    This piece is beautiful! It sounds very authentic and you're use of chords is superb! Although the overall sound is a bit TOO dry for my taste, but it fits.. given the style and genre of this piece.

    The Steinway Piano is indeed a very fine instrument! It has that lovely sound in the upper range!
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    It's what you do that defines you.

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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    Yeah, this is pretty tasty.
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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    Roberto, this is like listening to velvet, come to life as sound.
    Some of the progressions in the opening are so moving, the
    heart cannot decide between sorrow and hope, so embraces
    both... and the captivating piano writing, in its simplicity and
    easy grace...

    What can I say, my friend? Each thing you do is better than
    the last; even though every piece you bring forth is a "hard
    act to follow" of itself.

    With much admiration,


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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings


    This is as smooth as Italian silk. I greatly admire your compositional abilities. Thank you for posting this beautiful work. Grazie molto.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    I saved this to the "Roberto" folder I have on my desktop along with almost every other piece you have posted here. You are top dog on this forum in my book when it comes to putting together music that is just a pleasure to listen to.

    The strings in the opening sound marvelous - what reverb are you using on this? It sounds so rich and full. The piano solo is so tastefull and the bass and drums sound fantastic.

    The piece is beautiful, the performance wonderful and the production amazing!

    Please keep them coming Roberto!


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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings

    Roberto -

    As others have said, "Wishes" is very moving and very beautiful. It is as you describe it, "tender and sentimental".

    Thank you for sharing yourself through this music.

    Peace to you. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: wishes-pianotrio+strings


    Just mind-blowing great.......The strings add so much to this slow, jazz, motivic, musical document and they produce instant emotion.

    Your rendering is quite flawless, Roberto, and this music is so beautiful that it stirs the imagination of your listeners........it produced that effect on me. Very well done. A marvelous piece to listen to when one wants to enter into a pensive mood. Very velvety, but refreshing at the same time.


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